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Conveniently located at
1111 Kennedy Place, Suite 1 in Davis, CA, 95616
(near the corner of Covell Blvd. and J Street)
Call 530-753-2020 to schedule an eye exam

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We’re Remodeling!

We've begun our long anticipated office remodel. Thus far, we have new flooring, new frame boards and new dispensing tables (good-bye 1990's, hello 2010's!). We've switched the frame room with the reception room (don't be surprised when you come in!) and plan to update the furniture and install granite countertops. Stop by, check out the progress and ask for the 10% remodel discount (cannot be combined with insurance or applied to previous purchases).

Also, watch out for our pre-Open House. What's that? Well, we're so excited about the changes that we want to celebrate early! Don't worry if you miss this spring event because we'll also have an official Open House later in the year. Check back for more details.